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29 year old Casumo player caught two big wins in one week – won €20000

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I’m gonna update my music studio and finally buy a new car”

The lucky Casumo winner is a 29 year old guy from Holland who has been part of the Casumo community since the beginning of this year. One of his biggest interests is music, and he has been producing music in his own studio for 14 years. With the winnings he is planning to upgrade his studio and to finally buy a new car – something that has been on his list for many years.


YOLO bets in Mega Joker

The first big win of the week was in the slot Dead or Alive. The 29 year old managed to get five scatters on the reels which resulted in a nice win of €9000 on a €3.60 bet. He couldn’t believe his eyes and had to double check the screen a couple of times, which probably is most big winners would do. Filled with excitement and boosted with confidence he continued playing the following day and went for something he calls “YOLO bets”. For those of you who are not familiar with the term YOLO it simply means “you only live once, which in this case refers to bets with a higher stake than usual. Since this indeed seemed to be his lucky day, it didn’t take long before the next unbelievable win was a fact – this time a €2000 win in Mega Joker. As if that was not enough, the 29 year old ended this crazy and overwhelming week with some smaller wins in Steam Tower before hitting the sack with a great smile on his face. We can only imagine the excitement levels at this point and how thrilling this week must have been for our lucky champ.

Try your luck at Casumo

If you are a fan of cowboys, horses and the wild west you should follow our winner’s example and play Dead or Alive at Casumo. In this popular slot you’re the new sheriff in town and you need to catch all five bad guys to reel in the grand prize of €54000. Hunt for bonus rounds with double winnings in this cowboy slot filled with 5 reels and 9 lines. If you are more into classic slots we suggest you give Mega Joker a go, which is a real classic and one of the most popular slots ever both online and in land based casinos.

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