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Playing at online casino without registering an account (BankID Casino) and being able to get winnings in a few minutes is now a big trend. Casino without Account is already offered by most Europe online casinos, both new and old one. Here, as a new member, you don’t have to go through the traditional registration process. Thanks to BankID and Trustly, it is now possible to deposit money directly from your bank account without signing up. O The difficult verification process that has been standard since the late 90’s, ie. submit documents to prove their identity is now gone! Welcome in new era!

When you play at a casino without account, a kind of invisible game account is created that is directly linked to your bank account. This makes it easier and safer for you as a player to get started. The withdrawals at a casino without account are processed between 5-15 minutes, so this is really amazing stuff.

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Why play on BankID Casino ?

In order to create an account at a casino without BankID integrated, you need to submit various papers (or photos or scans on these papers) and prove that you’re person who just play on Casino. This means sending over the web personal information that could in the worst case be shared with third parties. All ranges offer the latest technology to protect the sensitive data their customers send, to avoid this ever happening.

However, witj BankID casino, which has the BankID system integrated, the need to send in paper or photocopies becomes immediately superfluous. Instead, the bank comes in as an intermediary, and verifies that the person through his e-ID is what they claim to be. This makes it more difficult for a third party to access player’s personal information, such as ID Number or social security number. In addition to being safer, the process is both simpler and faster, since all that is required by customers is a signature in the form of a security code. Less work, more time for gaming and entertainment!

What is BankID?

BankID started by wondering how to get an electronic signature that could be resembled a physical signature. The internet bank found a way to create one, and in 2003 the first e-ID was issued: BankID. Just as we identify passports, driving licenses and national ID cards, BankID also works as an e-ID. The signature is, instead of a regular crow, a security code that you have chosen as a customer. When you sign this, it and your installed security file will be verified against a barring list. This way, the banks can, at the same time as the signature is submitted, verify its authenticity.

BankID Casino

All that is required to be able to obtain BankID as a private person is a Swedish social security number. If you do not already have a BankID, there are many benefits to one, and not only to facilitate gaming with different operators.

Casino without registration

Now it seems that we can finally put these tense processes behind us. Despite the fact that no-account casino has been available since 2016, it has been 2018 for the casino industry to embrace the method on a large scale. Casino without account is now a hot trend, both among Europe casinos and casino players. Online Casinos has begun to change from traditional registration forms and we have realized the benefits of playing at the casino without registration. All you have to do is surf the casino’s website and deposit money using their BankID Casino app or Mobile BankID. The entire process lasts less than 1 minute, saving both time and superior security. In addition, it is optimal from integrity point. You are now leaving personal information that in bad hands can lead to the loss of your identity.

The elaborate traditional registration process that has previously tested our patience is now a mere memory. And in cases where you have won money and make a withdrawal, you no longer have to go through the lengthy traditional identification process. Time-consuming has just been the first name. Casino without account requires no registration and withdrawal is paid without delay back to the bank account within 15 minutes. Everything happens safely and quickly because the casino confirms your identity when you enter the security code into your BankID.

Why you need to play at BankID Casino?

To play at casino without account, you need access to a bank account that you use for deposits and withdrawals. You also need to have activated BankID into your bank account. Registration and deposit are done easily and automatically after you confirm everything through your BankID. Trustly is currently the only payment method that can be used when you play on casinoswithout account. Casino without account is both easy and secure.

E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller can unfortunately not be used when playing without an account. No account or credit card and other payment methods, as they are not available for BankID Casino yet. Another advantage of playing at the casino without account is that, as mentioned above, you make a deposit through your bank account. Because you are not able to make this type of deposit against invoice or via your debit card. In other words, it will be much easier for you to keep track of and not exceed your gaming budget.

Advantages of casino without account

There are several advantages to playing at a casino without account:

  • You do not miss any bonuses – You do not have to worry about not being able to share the casino bonuses offered just because you play without an account. You can take advantage of the various promotional offers that appear even if you do not have a traditional game account.
  • It’s fast and easy – It’s quick to get started and start playing. You simply skip the boring and lengthy registration process. This allows you to thrown straight into the hot air and immediately get to know the excitement and the joy!
  • Secure Transfers – Playing at the sites that lets you play without an account is also very safe. Some even claim that it is the safest method of payment of all of them. Banks’ requirements for transfers are hard and the transactions that are made are therefore very secure.
  • Fast withdrawals – Several of the casinos that let you play at casino without account use the BankID ID method. This e-ID enables cash withdrawals of as little as 15 minutes. Better it can hardly be!
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