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Casino Euro School – Slots With Strategy

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For starters, the games are designed with mobile users in mind, and while you can demo the games on your desktop, there is no substitute for the game quality you will get on your mobile.

Secondly, Elk Studios clearly thrives on quality over quantity. With just seven games currently offered by this company (at the time of writing), it’s a safe bet to assume that nothing is released haphazardly. These games are: Bloopers, DJ WÏLD, Taco Brothers, Electric Sam, The Lab, and Champions Goal, and Poltava.

Not a huge list by any means, but these titles are still worth your consideration when you play slot machines, mostly because Elk Studios understands the need for effective betting strategies when playing slots online – and betting strategies which aren’t gimmicks at that. In doing so, it has taken betting to the next level by including betting strategies directly in its games.


Betting strategies – you’ve heard it all before, right?

They don’t work; they’re a waste of time and money; and so on. Not so, we say.

We certainly don’t blame you for going into this article with a bout of scepticism, because the unfortunate truth is that betting strategies are not going to do the impossible and beat, hack, or manipulate the game you’re playing in any way. Ultimately, slot machines and other online casino games operate via random number generation software, so whether you employ a betting strategy or not is not going to guarantee you hitting jackpots.

Here’s the big ‘but’, though – betting strategies are a way of accentuating winning streaks and buffering losses. When you use betting strategies, you don’t just calculate to win, you calculate to adapt your wagers.

How do betting strategies work on Elk Studios Slots?

Elk Studio’s website gives a pretty good synopsis on how these betting strategies work, and what the philosophy behind them is. Anyone who has ever played slots games for longer than a few minutes at a time will know that as you play, you’re going to change your bet size every now and then in lieu of how you’re performing. For some, it’s almost a reflex.

Elk Studios’ betting systems automatically adjust your wager based on a couple of factors, including wins, losses, and bankroll percentage, depending on which betting strategy you pick. In other words, each betting strategy represents a different betting pattern that you can turn on and off during gameplay.

One really cool thing is that you’re not stuck with one betting strategy per slot machine. That would be limiting. Rather, with every game you can choose to activate any of the available strategies – but not at once – or turn them off completely.

Before we get into these different betting strategies, we will say that since playing in this way is even more effortless, one recommended option to make use of the autoplay function, since your wager is being changed by the system anyway.

What are these betting strategies?

elk studios betting strategies


Elk Studios have four different betting strategies, but only three of them are constant to all seven of the company’s games, as you will see. All of them are pretty great and intelligently designed, so let’s get into each of them below:


As the name suggests, the Jumper betting strategy is one that is designed to keep increasing with every win. Jump once, and jump higher with the next round! Your bet level increases with every winning round, but is capped when you reach four levels or more above your base wager level. However, you will automatically go back to base level whenever you lose a round. This, of course, works to ensure that succeeding losses will not be too risky for your overall bankroll.


The Leveller system takes almost an opposite approach to the Jumper one, although not exactly. Rather than change automatically with a result, here your wager will increase two steps when you lose five rounds. If after the change you lose another 5 rounds, your bet will increase yet another two steps.

This kind of system is a variety of negative progression betting systems that are designed with the philosophy that an increased wager will help you recuperate losses when you actually do win a round. In fact, when you do finally win, your bet level is reset to its base value.


Very much in line with the Leveller system and much more directly a contrast to the Jumper system, the Booster betting system simply increases your bet a step for every loss. This means that, once again, what we have here is a negative progression betting system. This goes on until you reach four levels above your base wager, and as you might expect the bet level returns to your base level whenever you win a round.


The Optimizer betting system is a little different to the other systems discussed here. It is also a little more exclusive than the others. While Booster, Jumper, and Leveller are available options on all of Elk Studio’s current offerings, Optimizer is only available on three games: Bloopers, Poltava, and DJ WÏLD.

So how does it work? Simple – your bet level changes according to the percentage of your overall balance you want to bet. You can pick a number of options depending on whether you are a casual player or a high roller. The bet level will change according to how you perform throughout the game.

Is any single betting strategy better than the rest?

If there was one betting strategy that was unquestionably better than the rest, Elk Studios would have only made that one. As it is, betting strategies are often a question of personal preference, so you will need to try them out yourself and decide which one tickles your fancy the most.

You don’t even need to have a favourite, and can experiment with all four depending on your mood and depending on how you think your gameplay will be affected most positively each day.

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While we agree that the betting strategies here are the stars of the show (hence why they are the focal point of this article), you also need to evaluate the slots machines for what they are, of course. For example, if you’re set on playing progressive slots games, you won’t be too pleased here, as Elk Studios don’t currently offer that option on any of its titles.

One huge factor that we appreciate here, though, is that Elk Studios have done the smart thing by not replicating the same slots game over and over just as a way of riding their betting system, though there are inevitable similarities.

In fact, different slots games here have different layouts, so you can play according to your preferences. The Lab, for example, is a 5-reel slot, while Electric Sam has a slightly more complex ‘243 ways to win’ set-up.

There are also plenty of options from a thematic perspective. Are you a football fan? Go for Champions Goal. Into Hollywood culture? Bloopers is up your street. How about sheer absurdity? You can’t do any better than Taco Brothers. Poltava, Elk Studios’ newest offering, has a pirate-theme for the adventurous.

The only problem we foresee here is if you’re really interested in making use of the Optimizer betting strategy, coincidentally one of our favourites, but aren’t a huge fan of Bloopers or DJ WÏLD. However, it would be silly to not play these games if you’re really interested in this feature.

All in all, we reckon Elk Studio’s innovation will catch up to the rest of the igaming world and make it have a good think in terms of how to play slots. In the meantime, happy playing, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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