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CasinoEuro Players Go Wild In Africa

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As part of our unbelievably awesome #travelwithcasinoeuro campaign, some more of our players recently got to take a break from their everyday routine. This time, 7 players and their guests, along with two CasinoEuro hosts, jetted off to the beautiful savannahs of Kenya for a trip of a lifetime, which ranged from adrenaline-fuelled wildlife encounters to awe-inspiring landscapes.



The players won the trip as part of a CasinoEuro draw and were more than ready for this great big African adventure. Read on to find out just what they got up to in our safari diary, and enjoy some of the impressive pictures that captured the highlights of the trip.

We’ll be adding new locations to our #travelwithcasinoeuro campaign in the future, so keep an eye out for the next big adventure and you could be making memories with us in some of the world’s most incredible destinations.

Day 1 – Nairobi

The winners travelled from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and the UK to meet up in Kenya’s bustling capital, Nairobi, where their home for the night was the jaw-dropping Hotel Hemingways. This beautiful plantation-style accommodation on the outskirts of the city boasts butler service, a relaxing spa, and charming rooms with amazing views.

By the time they arrived there, it was pretty late, and after a very long day of travelling, everyone was eager to get to bed…but not without a 40 minute tour of the bedrooms first. The butler described almost every object in the room to the minutest of detail which brought some stifled giggles from the players.

The luxurious surroundings set the bar high for the rest of the trip and softened the blow for one of our players whose luggage had gotten lost on its way to Kenya. With no time to spare, he had to improvise at a local supermarket where the availability of underwear was limited to giant neon underpants.

After a busy day, it was finally time for a good night’s rest in preparation for the next leg of the trip: a very light aircraft flight to the Masai Mara Nature Reserve.

Day 2 – Masai Mara Nature Reserve

Before the group left the hotel in the morning, the CasinoEuro hosts gave out a big breakfast to go and some fancy CasinoEuro gift bags containing binoculars, a super-lens for their phone cameras, and luggage accessories. Ready for action!

The plane from Nairobi was so small that the pilot had to make two trips to fly them all to the final destination. As they landed on the reserve, surrounded by stunning views of the African plains, they noticed that there wasn’t even an outbuilding at this airport, just a lone majestic tree waiting at the end of the grassy airstrip. A treeport.

They made their way to the Olare Mara Kempinski Hotel where they were welcomed with a beautiful performance by local Masai warriors, and what a welcome it was! After a delicious lunch, there was no time to waste. They were ready to head out in search of some exotic animals.

As the safari jeep rumbled along the dirt tracks into the depths of the wild, it wasn’t long before some of the local creatures made an appearance. All the favourites were there: giraffes, zebras, elephants, an array of colourful birds and, of course, their first lion. Luckily for our players Mr. Lion didn’t seem keen for a taste of European meat, but that didn’t stop them from getting a teeny bit nervous nonetheless.

After an eventful day hanging out with the locals, it was off to bed for another early night. A 4am wake-up call was on the cards for the next nail-biting instalment of this already exciting trip.

Day 3 – The Balloon Ride

Waking up to complete darkness and getting bundled into the jeep for an hour long journey into the unknown felt like our very own, real-life, adventure. The players arrived at the balloon-site to see the hot air balloon lying on its side. After awkwardly crawling side-ways into the basket, the balloon was fired up and off into the sky they went.

With truly breath-taking views of the sunrise over the savannah, and herds of elephants plodding through the grass-lands below, it was hard to imagine being witness to anything more spectacular.

After an hour spent floating through the Kenyan sky, it was time to land all 1.5 tonnes of the balloon on the back of a truck and settle down for some breakfast in the wild. A champagne breakfast, of course.

More animals were spotted throughout the day before a very welcome dinner was served back at the hotel, and our players collapsed, tired but content, into bed.

Day 4 – Tree Planting

After experiencing so much on this trip, and meeting such welcoming people, we were delighted for the opportunity to give something back to this wonderful community. Today the players headed off on another safari, this time to plant trees which will hopefully go a little way to helping sustain this fantastic place for many years to come.

You can never get sick of the wildlife that inhabit these parts, so it was soon time to go in search of some more critter action. And there certainly was action! On their travels, our players managed to stumble across a herd of over 20 hippos wallowing around in the river, followed by an incredibly rare leopard appearance.

Despite not always a guaranteed sighting on these safaris, this leopard took a bit of a shining to the CasinoEuro group, hanging around the jeep within touching distance for around 30 minutes.

On top of all that, they also witnessed three young lions hunting a warthog. A bloodbath was averted, however, when the inexperienced lions let the warthog slip away. Back to the drawing board boys.

After another eventful day, it was time to return to the hotel for one last night, and this one was full of celebration. Within the CasinoEuro group there was a 40th birthday and 5 year anniversary, and, just as he was getting comfortable in his giant neon underwear, our player’s lost luggage showed up. Good job there was plenty of cake and champagne to console him on the unfortunate timing.

As the last of the cake was finished and the champagne ran dry, it was time to venture back to the tented bedrooms as the night-time jungle soundtrack rang through the darkness. This soundtrack included the restrained yelps of a player who had discovered a snake draped across the threshold of her bedroom doorway. But, it was swiftly removed and calm was restored before any damage was done.

Day 5 – The Final Hoorah

The last day had sadly arrived, so the group packed up their stuff and headed back on the tiny plane to Nairobi, where the absence of a co-pilot meant that one of the CasinoEuro hosts got to experience a pilot’s life in the flying seat. The players were in safe hands though, the plane landed without a hitch and an afternoon of shopping soon followed. Shopping is hungry work, so what better way to end the trip than with a predatory meal in “Carnivore”, one of Nairobi’s best known restaurants? On the menu was crocodile and ostrich meat, to name but a few of the more unusual dinner choices.

As everyone prepared to board their respective flights home, it was time to say goodbye, and also time to reflect on what truly was a trip of a lifetime for our CasinoEuro players. So many new friends were made and so many great memories created. The real feeling that we had been part of something unique and extraordinary was summed up perfectly by our Finnish player:

We had such a fun time here. We saw a lot of animals, more than we could ever have wished for. We also got to know the local way of life, but mostly we noticed how beautiful nature can be. It was an unforgettable trip and I left my heart here. I wish that we can come back one day.

Until next time friends,

Hakuna Matata!

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