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Guts casino – Easter Trivia and 1 Million Free Spins

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Guts casino Giving Away Over 1 Million Free Spins!
promotion will go live on Monday 14th afternoon (CET) and will run till March 27th



Every year we celebrate Easter but can you tell us what event occurred in the past the prompted the creation of Easter?

If you know the answer to that, you’ll be walking away with 10 Free Spins courtesy of the Guts Easter Trivia Promotion – and that’s just on the first day.

That’s right, Guts has returned with more trivia and each day you’ll need to complete questions and missions that will see you win an array of… egg-cellent prizes. Each correct question will earn you points and each mission completed will earn you even more. The leader board will be updated on a daily basis and the Top 100 players will receive cash bonuses.

So if you want Free Spins, bonuses and cold-hard-cash, Guts is where you’ll want to be spending your Easter.




Trivia Questions

1. These are available for to answer for 72 hours after they become accessible, you can see which ones are available as they will have a countdown timer on their respective position on the trivia calendar. Make sure to answer them in time, because otherwise they shall expire!

2. The questions have multiple choice answers, and you have only one go at getting the right answer.

3. Each correctly answered question gives you 5 leaderboard points, and a gift that will be specified in text after you answer successfully.

4. To answer the question, get the points and the accompanying gift, you do not need to deposit, wager or spend. The only requirement is that you have to have made at least one deposit at Guts at some point since you registered.

Daily Missions

1. Every day of this promotion, there is a daily mission you can complete to earn extra points and gifts. The countdown starts at 00:00 CET every morning, and lasts for 24 hours.

2. All details of the mission and the rewards available are displayed on the mission board, you just need to follow the instructions.

3. To reap the mission rewards, you need to complete the requirements before the countdown ends. Completing it after the mission timeframe is over will result no points or gifts being awarded.

4. You can participate in the missions regardless of whether you have answered the trivia question(s) successfully or not.

5. The mission requirements can be viewed at any time during the countdown by clicking on the “Mission” board in the main calendar area.

Leaderboard Race

1. You can earn points towards the leaderboard by correctly answering trivia questions and completing daily missions

2. The leaderboard will be updated by 15:00 CET every working day. On weekends and bank holidays, you can query your latest position by contacting customer support

3. The top 10 players at the end of the promotional period will be eligible for a multitude of cash prize, free spins, reloads and free bonus rounds, all outlined in the FAQ and terms and conditions.

4. If players share the same position on the leaderboard at the end of the promotion, then the position will be determined by the customers’ largest cumulative deposit amount during the promotional period.

Am I allowed to participate?

If you have made at least one deposit at Guts, and are registered and logging in from one of the following territories, you can participate in this campaign:

Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & the United Kingdom.

What can I win?

You can win a gift every day by answering the trivia question correctly. You can also win more gifts by completing the daily missions, and finishing in the top 100 on the leaderboard.

The daily gifts can be free spins, cash bonuses, reload bonuses, free entries to bonus rounds & raffle tickets.

The top positions of the leaderboard ensure cash bonuses, free spins or free bonus rounds.

The breakdown of the final leaderboard prizes can be viewed in the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, accessible in the promotions lobby of the Guts website.

How much time do I have to complete missions and answer trivia questions?

Firstly, please always keep in mind that all the times quoted are in Central European Time (CET), so plan accordingly!

Countdowns for both the trivia questions and missions commence at 00:00 CET daily. You have 72 hours from the start of countdown to answer trivia questions, and 24 hours for each mission.

We are not able to extend the countdowns, and once the timeframe for a mission or question has expired it is no longer valid towards promotional points and the earning of gifts.

What if I answer the trivia question incorrectly?

You only have one chance to choose the correct answer. If you do not manage to do that successfully, you will not receive a gift nor any points, and will have to attempt to answer the next question correctly.

When will I receive my gifts?

Unless otherwise stated, gifts that are earned by answering questions and completing missions will be awarded at 13:00 CET on the calendar day following the answering of the question or completion of the mission.

All free spins, feature triggers and cash bonuses awarded need to be claimed by the customer within 48 hours, otherwise they shall expire.

Some gifts will be reloads, or entries into prize draws and the timeframes and requirements for those shall be specified upon being awarded, so always make sure to read the messages!

How many points can I get for every question answered correctly and every mission completed?

For every question answered correctly, you earn 5 points. Daily missions offer the opportunity to earn either 5 or 10 points more, depending on which level of mission requirements you fulfil.

Are there any extra ways to earn leaderboard points?

Guts might announce impromptu opportunities to earn bonus points towards the leaderboard. In those scenarios, we shall always announce it on the promotional page, and within the daily trivia questions and missions. Everyone will be able to view these, and compete fairly.

Where and when can I view my position on the leaderboard?

The leaderboard does not update automatically, and is only updated before 15:00 CET every working day.

The leaderboard will not be updated over weekends and bank holidays, but you can always check your latest status with Customer Support after 15:00 on those days.

Please note that customers who have the same points tally showing on the leaderboard will be listed alphabetically, but that will not decide their final status in the case of a draw towards the end of the promotion.

What happens if players have the same amount of points as others in the top 100 on the leaderboard at the end of the promotion?

Those who share a qualifying position will be judged by who has deposited more during the promotional period.

Players who have deposited less will default to a lower position on the final leaderboard.

If there is a draw both in terms of points and cumulative deposits, then we shall perform a random draw for the winner(s). Losers of such a random draw, who cannot default to a lower prize tier and hence drop out of the top 100, will receive a consolation gift.

What if I am too busy to participate every day?

That is unfortunate, but does not mean that you cannot participate. Even for players who do not wish to compete for the upper positions of the leaderboard there are daily rewards to be reaped anyway. There is value here for every single customer, regardless of their bankroll and frequency of play.

What if I have read this, and still have questions?

Contact our friendly and professional customer service team, they shall assist you.



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