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STSbet – polish bookmaker on the European market

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Bookmaker description STSbet ⚽ is not the simplest, because each country has a slightly different offer. This may seem a bit strange, but due to the variety of currencies and other approaches to betting in different countries, STS decided on such a solution. For now, let’s focus on what is common to all countries.

The STSbet bookmaker offers its players a full range of possibilities. Outside Poland, we are no longer limited by such a strict gambling law, so apart from bookmakers, STSbet’s offer also includes a casino and a live casino, as well as ranks of other games that are prohibited by us legally.

Unfortunately, using the services of the bookmaker STSbet by Poles living in the country is impossible, but it is not a big obstacle, because as you know they can use, simply, from the bookmaker STS.

The owner of STS says that its main goal are Poles staying abroad, but let’s keep in mind that the bookmaking market in such Britain is definitely bigger than ours and even 1% of it all can provide receipts similar to those that the bookmaker obtains in Poland, being the leading company on the market. And this is only one country, while the STSbet offer is addressed to all European countries.


Although the STSbet offer differs slightly, depending on the country in which we register, one remains unchanged – the promotional code. If we are interested in receiving a more welcome promotion, we just need to enter the BETSTS code when registering and we can enjoy a larger promotional offer than the standard one.

One can doubt whether the Polish bookmaker will manage on foreign markets, but it is worth to look at it all objectively. Times when companies from Poland were far behind their European colleagues have long passed, and the level of services is now comparable, and even better. The good condition of the Polish market can be mentioned, for example, welcome bonuses, which in our country can amount up to PLN 1,500, while abroad – EUR 100 is the norm. The best example is the bookmaker described here, which in our country gives light players a 1000 PLN bonus and freebet, and abroad it is only 100 Euro.

STSbet provided

STSbet service is provided by Vivaro Limited (registration number of the company C45929, Malta, 23.12.2008), the company is based at Luxe Pavilion, 2nd level, Diamonds International Building, Portomaso, St. Julians STJ 4010, Malta, licensed and subject to the Maltese Games Office being the responsible regulatory authority (license for game operations No. MGA / B2C / 292/2015 issued on 01/08/2018). Keep in mind that gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly. For more information on gambling addiction, visit www.begambleaware.org.

Responsible Game
STSbet is obliged to promote among its customers placing bets in a responsible manner, as well as to propagate knowledge about the problem of gambling and strive to improve prevention, intervention and treatment.
The STSbet Responsible Game Regulations describe the website’s involvement in activities aimed at minimizing the negative effects of gambling and promoting responsible gambling.STSbet supports a generation of online players by offering them a wide range of games and entertainment. We also take responsibility for the products in our offer.

The goal of STSbet is to provide the safest and most innovative gaming platform in the world for adults. The transparent and secure product offer allows each user to play within their financial capabilities and receive the highest quality services. Reliability, justice and reliability are the main principles of STSbet’s work. STSbet is therefore clearly obliged to avoid and limit problems that may arise from participating in gambling, especially in the case of immoderate participation in games. An important issue is also respect for the rights of people who take a moderate share of gambling for entertainment purposes.

Responsible play on the STSbet website is based on three basic principles: Player safety, Game safety and Protection against addiction to the game. We work with research institutes, associations and health centers to create honest, safe and reliable rules for online games.

We take responsibility for the safety of our players. Protection of players consists in prohibiting the participation of minors and the protection of privacy, which includes responsible processing of personal data and payments. Independent organizations carefully monitor the integrity and randomness of the products offered. Marketing activities are also designed to protect the player – we only promise services that players can receive as part of our product line.

Protection against addiction to the game: research – prevention – intervention

Most users taking part in sports betting, gambling establishments and other games offered participate in moderation for entertainment purposes. Some habits and patterns of behavior (eg shopping, playing sports, eating or drinking) that are considered normal and innocent may, in the case of some people, become addictive and cause problems. In the same way, sports bets and gambling can lead to problems for a small group of customers.

Customers addicted to games of chance are prohibited from further participation in the games offered. Then these clients receive the contact details of the organization in which they can receive expert advice and support.

Personal responsibility is the most durable form of prophylaxis

The basic principle promoted by the STSbet service is that the client should make the final decision and bear responsibility for participating in the game, as well as for the amount of money allocated for this purpose. Therefore, the personal responsibility of the client is the most effective form of protection against addiction. STSbet is obliged to help clients by providing a clear offer of products and complete information as well as transparent rules of conduct.

Protection of minors

STSbet prohibits the participation of minors (under 18 years of age) in games and establishments. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the achievement of the age of majority and the date of birth during registration. STSbet is very serious about the problem of participation of minors in games and bets. In order to ensure the best protection of minors, we also count on support from parents and guardians. Please store your account access data (username and password) in a safe place.

In addition, we recommend installing the filtering software. This kind of software will allow you to restrict access to online resources unsuitable for children and young people.

Responsibility for problems

The STSbet website offers various types of games and bets, which are a form of entertainment for most customers. Our company takes responsibility for customers by providing support and tools that create a safe and interesting environment, taking into account the associated risks.

Customers who have difficulty assessing risk and realizing their own limitations or those who are addicted to gambling are not able to approach our product line in a responsible manner and treat it as a form of entertainment. STSbet takes responsibility for this kind of users and – to protect them – blocks their access to their products.

Familiarize yourself with the basic issues!

Most people play for fun. A moderate and appropriate to the financial participation in the games is fully acceptable. However, for a small percentage of people, gambling is not a form of entertainment, which is associated with a challenge that should not be underestimated.

What are problematic gambling behaviors?

Problems related to gambling are those that affect the lifestyle, work, financial situation or health of a person or his family. Long-term participation in games is inadvisable for such people, because it can have negative effects.

In 1980, pathological gambling was officially recognized and included in the list of mental disorders of international DSM-IV and ICD-10 systems. It is described as a long-lasting, repetitive and often increasing tendency to play, despite the negative social and personal consequences, such as debt, breaking family relationships and delaying professional development.

In what situations should one treat behavior as addiction?

It should be emphasized that the diagnosis of addiction to gambling can only be made by an appropriate specialist. The materials on this page are intended to help you assess and determine your own gambling behavior.

Particularly dangerous in the case of addictions unrelated to any substances is the fact that it is very difficult to determine the boundary between pleasure and addiction. Nevertheless, there are some warning signs that may indicate existing problems.

The likelihood of severe addiction is high if a person has at least five of the following symptoms:

The player is heavily involved in gambling – he only thinks about the game.
Over time, he is betting on increasing rates.
Attempts to stop or limit participation in games turn out to be ineffective.
The player feels irritation and dissatisfaction in the event of restricting participation in gambling.
The game is a way to escape from problems or inconveniences.
The player tries to recover the lost amount,
Lying about game behavior,
Undertakes illegal activities,
It destroys or breaks relationships with family and colleagues,
He borrows to play.
Principles of responsible gaming
Compliance with the following rules will allow you to enjoy the game without fear:
Start the game only when you are calm and concentrated.
Take regular breaks.
Set the monthly amount that you can spend on the game in advance.
Do not increase the maximum amount once fixed.
Before starting the game, determine the maximum amount of winnings at which you should stop the game.
Specify in advance which amount you can spend on losses.
Do not start the game if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Do not start the game if you are experiencing a depressive state.

No access to the website and participation in a gambling game for persons under 18 years of age.

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